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Brand Story

The establishment of the brand, Bonnie House, can be traced back to the year of 1870. The family of Dickens & Hawthorne started a factory producing hand-made soaps in New Zealand. In 1960, the family of Dickens & Hawthorne migrated to Australia, and at the same time they built a factory producing Australian household skincare products. In 1970, the fragrance series of Bonnie House - Purity was launched to the markets when the family of Dickens & Hawthorne had become a well-known skincare brand in Australia. Ever since, Bonnie House has been further establishing its popularity and reputation in Australia. In 2005, Bonnie House officially launched to the Taiwan market.

In addition to inheriting the tradition of Australians’ admiration of natural herbs, Bonnie House holds the concepts of “care for people, use natural elements, balance ecology, enjoy life” and differing from the regular products by insisting the selection of botanical extractions. Its “organic and non-poisonous herbs” are cultivated by “the four main elements of natural fertilizer, non-pesticide, purified water resource and the respect to ecological systems”, and has obtained the most rigorous certificates, “ACO Certified Organic” and “USDA organic (by the United States Department of Agriculture)” to provide the life enjoyment with healthy organic living to body, mind and soul. Through the natural herbal essence, people living in the busy modern civilization are led to an interactive communication with wild nature existing a century ago, and a beautiful and healthy situation with happiness will be created by the mutual collaboration.

Five Major Insistences

Australian Certified Organic:

“Australian Certified Organic” is the largest private institution delivering a variety of certification services. Among the numerous institutions issuing organic certificates in the world, ACO meets the most rigorous international requirements of quality control from the ingredients used in the production process. Every year, Bonnie House’s insistence on choosing the Australian ACO Certified Organic, which meets the most rigorous requirements, is to provide high quality and ensure safe use for its customers.

USDA Organic, issued by the United States Department of Agriculture:

The national requirements regarding the production, the process method and the labeling of organic farm produce in the National Organic Program (NOP) by the United States Department of Agriculture comply with the standards regulated by the USDA of each state. All agricultural products must apply and obtain the USDA National certified label before marking products. Its high-level organic certificate has been taken as the golden standard.

100% Natural Botanical Extraction:

Bonnie House’s insistence is on taking natural organics and health as the first consideration. We insist on using the ingredients with 100% botanical extractions, which are non-alcohol formulated, without chemical ingredients or chemical fragrance compounds to provide a safety shield to the skin and a heartfelt care with thoughtfulness.

Recycling cans and bottles makes the earth take a deep breath:

Protecting the earth by doing environmental conservation; life aesthetics should include kind concerns to the earth. Any consumers who return the empty bottles and cans to the sales counters of Bonnie House can get a NT$5 reward to be used as a deduction off the purchase. We’re willing to sacrifice a little profit and hope to invite you to show kind concerns to the earth, so that our living environment on the earth can take a deep breath.

The purified and sweet Tasmanian Mountain Water is publicly certified by the United Nations:

Bonnie House adapts the water from the natural heritage site listed by the United Nations—the spring water from the Tasmanian Mountains. Tasmania is the place that protects the natural ecology system the most in Australia, and it has the world’s most beautiful natural landscape, the clearest and sweetest water quality and the cleanest air. Let’s experience the clear and sweet spring water, and the cheers from the wild nature, gentle but powerful.

Organic Certification

Bonnie House’s essential oil has passed the certification process conducted by Australian Certified Organic and the USDA Organic certificate issued by the Unite States Department of Agriculture. The certification process includes rigorous requirements to the control of soil, water quality, plantation, harvest, packaging and operation environment inside the factory, so that each essential oil product has its unique identification and rigorous quality control standards. Moreover, the base oil that has obtained double certifications is added into all series of products available for all ages in different groups, and can be used on different health disorders; we create a happy life for the health of the whole family.

Australian Certified Organic and the USDA Certified Organic

Australian Certified Organic
ACO NO: 11879
  USDA Organic, issued by the United States
Department of Agriculture
NOP ID:3950000053
The Australian Certified Organic is also the major institution under The Biological Farmers Association (Abbreviated as BFA). The percentage of organic content in the product must be above 95% for the logo of “Organic” can be used to label. If the product contains 70% -95% organic ingredients, the package may display “made with organic” certified by ACO. From 2017, Australian Certified Organic updated its Labelling and Logo Style Guide, which contains two logos. One with long “Australian” word is for products using Australian native plants. The other with short “ACO” word is for products containing imported ingredients.   The National Organic Program (NOP) by the United States Department of Agriculture is an authority issuing the certificates to products, processing and packaging of organic farm produces, and the label is authorized by the USDA. The organic regulations set up by the United States Department of Agriculture approves products that contain at least 95% organic ingredients to be labeled with this mark.

Certificate of Australian Certified Organic

  The organic farm inspector spends 2-4 hours examining the farm area, then proposes some questions about farm operations, including the issues about harvesting, storage, facility and machine management, and livestock processing. After the inspector finishes the evaluation report, there will be another auditing team which conducts the evaluation once again in accordance with this report. At this time, the farm will accept further questioning and evaluation.

Once the farm has passed the questioning by the auditing team, the farm obtains the opportunity to enter the initial phase (pre-certification phase). The phase takes about 12 months; the farm should demonstrate its ability in organic management over the whole farm area to the auditing team. When the phase has been approved, the farm has the opportunity to obtain the organic certificate. The whole process from the very beginning to the completion of certification takes 2 years.

Inquiry of Organic Certification


Inquiry of Bonnie House’s Organic Certificate

The link to the website of ACO Certified Organic:
The number of ACO certificate: 11879
The search method: Fill 11879 in the column of the certification number for searching for the result.

The link to the website of USDA Organic:
Inquiry of USDA Organic Accredited Certifying Agent: Bonnie House
The search method: Fill Bonnie House in the column of Operation for searching for the result.

Certification Process

Organic Certification Process

Bonnie House has obtained the organic certificate by meeting the most rigorous international certification requirements of quality control from the ingredients used in the production process.

Identification by the Means of Mass Spectrometer

In the same way that an identification card is used as a proof of identity for humans, the mass spectrometer is the identity of essential oil. Through the data information, the percentage of the essential oil content is revealed clearly. This is important information for judging the effect of essential oil, and whether the purity meets the standards and quality.

Each Bonnie House essential oil has its own identification, which is certified by the third certification authority to ensure its quality and the safe use for each customer.